To create an inviting space that family and friends are drawn to, the use of landscaping features and focal points throughout the garden is a must. Whether it be a cluster of pots to soften a wall, a fire pit area to enjoy a drink around with friends or a simple feature as a focal point in the garden. The use of these can really add a touch of class to a landscape design.

A feature in the garden can come in many forms. Depending on the style of the home or garden, these could be any number of things, from a feature tree like a weeping maple or crepe myrtle right through to a water feature, creating that ambient sound of running water in the garden.

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There really are no rules with landscaping features, but when included in a space they can really add interest and create a focal point to enjoy and talk about with friends.

More recently designers are making use of corners and areas in the garden with the addition of fire pit areas. Fire pits are a fantastic focal point by day, and on a cool Autumn evening, a beautiful spot to enjoy a glass of wine and toast a marshmallow with the kids. On this project image above, we chose to build a sunken fire pit as a point of difference, our clients were more than happy with the result and impact it added to the rear yard.

So, when designing your next garden, don’t forget to include a couple of landscaping features throughout. The inclusion of these focal points is a timeless addition in your garden design!

If you are interested in working with us to create a beautiful landscape that may include some unique landscaping features, we would love to hear from you.

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