The use of garden lighting in a landscape design can be in many forms. Simply lighting a stairway entrance or up lighting a feature tree or focal point in the in the corner of your garden. I truly believe the use of lighting in a landscape design can tell a whole different story at night.

Garden lighting has come a long way in recent years and the variety of finishes and fixtures available is constantly evolving. This means the lighting design from the home can flow seamlessly into the garden.

  • Garden Lighting Effects
  • East Linfield Landscape Project

When we add a garden lighting we believe that the purpose is to showcase feature trees or focal points in the garden. They are the heroes that we are aiming to highlight of a night, not the light fixture itself.

In this scenario, we like to pick up on similar finishes used on the house such as copper, aged bronze, or stainless steel. The inclusion of lighting brings a whole other dimension of landscape design at night and can tell a completely different story. So, whether it be highlighting a driveway or pedestrian entrance, or lighting a focal point in the garden, when designing your next landscape project, consider the inclusion of lighting to elevate your space.